Wondering how to assess your foot pain problem and what to do for corrective exercises? Read on to learn from my experiences!


How I hurt my foot 左足受傷源起

I couldn’t properly walk anymore! This first happened 2 months ago when I careless jumped down on my left foot from Swing Ring.



I was hit by a wave of numbness all over my left foot but nothing painful. However, it started to get swollen after a few hours. I did my job to ice patch it for two days then just being lazy. Despite a little pain while walking and some decreased range of motion of my left ankle because of the swollen instep, nothing too dramatic happened, so I just left it as it is hoping it will recover by itself.

Oh well it didn’t.

跳下來的時候左腳突然一陣酥麻(?),不過沒什麼疼痛感.幾個小後他開始腫脹.我敷衍了事的冰敷了兩天,但除了走路時的些為疼痛感,和因腳背水腫造成腳踝活動度變差以外也沒什麼大礙,就想說放著不管應該慢慢會好.不過我錯惹 T皿T.

Daily pain cycle 疼痛變化週期

I felt my left foot flexibility was decreasing dramatically day by day. Not just that- there’s a weird pattern of how the degree of pain varied throughout the day:



Daily Foot Pain Cycle 花超久做這廢圖但其實滿好玩的

Note here: We do bare foot training at GYMEFIT NINJA, so when I was feeling most painful stepping into the gym I was in barefoot.

吉編曰:因為GYMEFIT NINJA採赤足訓練,所以早上進健身房裡的疼痛高峰時刻我是打赤腳的.

I felt normal waking up. But as the day progressed, my foot turned stiff, swollen, really painful, then just regressed and changed between stiff and slightly painful depending on the activity I was doing and the time of the day. I couldn’t really bend my foot when I felt it’s stiff (very limited dorsiflexion), as if the area between my ankle or my metatarsophalangeal joint (big toe joint) is petrified.


Just for fun lol 廢圖2號,很認真地換了GYMEFIT主題色,

Assessment & Corrective Exercises 問題評估及矯正性運動

Ankle mobility and the big toe test


Last night reached the peak of my impatience toward this minor-discomfort-but-so-annoying-I-can’t-ignore-anymore foot problem. Finally, I asked our Kinesiology instructor Jimmy for help. After improving my ankle range of motion with some corrective exercises, we adopted the big toe test to see if my big toe joint could be the cause of the problem. But nope, my big toe has no problem bending all the way to my nose lol


Dorsal Fascia Stretch & Metabolic Waste Reduction


Jimmy then asked me to describe when and how I feel throughout the day. After knowing my daily foot pain cycle. he then paused for a second and started to twist my foot like he’s drying a towel.



Then we do the say-bye-to-your-toe-fellow-then-reunion exercises.

Within 2 mins, my left foot was loosening and getting increasingly softer and more flexible. After a few rounds of exercises, I stepped my left foot onto the floor and it can finally bend again!


Turned out the pattern I felt- stiffness and pain in the morning and after extended time of sitting- was a result of accumulated metabolic wastes stuck in my left foot. As they stuck in the foot making it stiff, it’s harder to move the joints in my foot, resulting in a tighter dorsal fascia — a continuous vicious cycle.


The above two exercise are ways to stretch the dorsal fascia of my left foot, restore its normal flexibility and function, and further clear the accumulation of metabolic waste.


NeuroKinetic Therapy


My left foot is back to 95% normal. It doesn’t feel stiff when I step into the gym in the morning. The other coach Jie-Yin practicing NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy) also helped me find the tightened tibialis anterior and extensor hallucis longus that lead to the movement compensation of my left lower extremity.

後來介尹教練在幫我做NKT(神經動能療法)個案練習時,也幫我找到了造成因過度緊繃造成左足下肢動作模式代償的脛骨前肌& 拇長伸肌(被按到時直接痛到大叫)

Extensor hallucis longus (L) & tibialis anterior (R) Source: Human Anatomy Atlas

Way to go for more days for corrective exercises (including the scar tissues on my left ankle from a car accident that reduces my ankle mobility. Ahja.) But it feels sooooo good to be able to finally walk normally again! Huge thanks to our coach team!


This creepy face supposed to be a cute smiling feet expressing my gratitude…