My Training Philosophy

There are so many fitness hacks out there that be-wild the eyes of fitness beginners- 6 mins abs exercise, “simple” “workouts your only need to do at home, workouts ”to get “toned,” get “jacked,” get that “bikini body,” or get that “_______(you name it)”. These hacks go viral with foundation of an “ideal” body” defined by society- If I can get that _____ , I am more lovable/ If I don’t get that ______, I don’t deserve to be loved.”

deadlift girl

Deep down we all want to be loved, and strength training can be a way to unlearn the societal expectations that are imposed on us and relearn how to truly love ourselves, how to take strength training as a way of making commitment to ourselves, and work out not to put the new label of ‘strong is the new sexy ” or “thick thigh” onto ourselves, but to fully love and support our loved ones with a stronger body and mind.

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From Tech Analyst to Fitness Coach

My journey to becoming a coach started while I was studying for my master’s for Sociology at Columbia University in New York. I lifted my first dumbbell when I joined a group training class at Columbia. I was fascinated by how much empowerment I gained through overcoming the physical discomforts I have while “lifting weight.” Sadly with the “advice” from the gym bros, I was so scared to look bulk that I was only willing to use 5lb dumbbells, and spent most of my weekends on Jillian Michaels without seeing real progress in my physique or strength.

After working in New York for one year, I came back to Taiwan, I worked as a market analyst designing AI products in a national software think tank. I had tons of fun developing MVPs for fintech and travel tech products, as well as joining different projects for social good and was selected to present our research at Bloomberg headquarter. However, nothing inspired and motivated me to excel myself more than training did.
At the same time, I hired my first personal trainer and finally started to have serious lifting.

While I explored my interests in learning latest technology trends working for three years, I developed a tremendous passion in powerlifting. I decided to enter powerlifting competition on my own and ended up placing 3rd place in the New Taipei City deadlift competition with a lift of 102.5 kg /225 lb in the 52kg weight class in 2018. This gave me the courage to develop my passion into a life-long career. I quit my job in tech industry and started to coach at one of the best studio in Taipei- GYMEFIT NINJA .

For me, what inspires me about being a coach is not only seeing my clients overcoming their challenges and sharing their ecstasy of breaking personal records, but also getting deeply connected with every of them as two human beings and sharing life together.

Nomadic Trainer and Podcast Host

In 2020, I became a nomadic trainer offering coaching to nomads around the world and founded my Curious Barbell Podcast interviewing doctors, physical therapists, fitness entrepreneurs and sports science professors on the science of training, career path in the fitness industry and what it means to have a meaningful life. I also built the Overseas Taiwanese Sports Science Network consisting of 200+ Taiwanese professors, grad students, and working professional around the wold.

I now dedicate most my energy to helping other curious humans explore how to define their own ideal state of body, psychological health and life through book clubs, workshops, on-line courses and mentorship.

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My Certificates

  • National Academy of Sport and Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer
  • GMS- Kinesiology and Training Methodology for Core
  • GMS- Kinesiology and Training Methodology for Upper Extremity
  • GMS- Kinesiology and Training Methodology for Lower Extremity
  • R.O.C. C-Level Swim Instructor Certificate
  • Taipei Water Life Club Lifeguard Certificate
  • RPR Workshop