I was happy to be asked to appear as a guest on the Working From Home podcast with Nelson Jordan. 

We talked about my journey from student on the fast-track to a consultancy and how I overcame many social and cultural pressures to seek out an alternative way of living – a lifestyle that followed my passions, not just what was expected of me.

If you don’t know where to turn and you feel trapped by what others want you to do, this episode will really hit home for you. We also covered how to start a podcast and grow your business, the steps you need to take to find a work-life balance, how to set and accomplish your goals, and much, much more. 

Make sure to listen here, to find out:

  • The first big step I took on my path to becoming a digital nomad.
  • How I worked through my fear of impostor syndrome and carved my place in the fitness industry.
  • My experience of starting the Curious Barbell podcast.
  • How COVID has impacted freelancers and digital nomads.

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